Why do I need an Invite Code?

Our platform is not yet open to everyone, therefor to use it you need an Invite Code.

These codes are distributed by our team or one of your service providers (inssurance, repair shop, dealer ship etc…).

What is My Team?

My Team is a feature that allow you to get in contact with your service providers, quick and easy.

You can text your different contacts for services, advices, appointments or offers.


What is Digital Garage?

Digital Garage connects drivers to their vehicles and automotive services to provide a smarter and more connected experience for all.

Can I use it without owning a vehicle?

Yes, even if Digital Garage features make more sense for car owners, car and technologoly enthusiasts can use the application without owning a vehicle themselves.

Some features don’t require a physical vehicle.

What features are available in Digital Garage?

Digital Garage offers features for all parties involved in the lifecycle of a vehicle.

Book service appointments, easily submit insurance claims, direct message the professionals and see the live health status of your vehicle.

Make the claims process easy and digital with the majority of claims automatically processed directly from the driver and calculated using a globally trusted and constantly updated rules engine.

Provide faster services and transparent repair estimates by tapping into the Digital Garage rules engine that continuously provides repair estimates that are on par with human accessors.

Offer straight through claims processing right at the scene with an on-the-spot digital record of all parties involved and no technical experience required.

Improve your customer’s experience by offering online service bookings, direct messaging with your experts and points programmes to reward them for their loyalty.

Where Digital Garage is available?

Currently Digital Garage is available on the App Store and Play Store in:

Austria, Germany, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United States of America.


We are adding new countries regurlarly, come back to find more soon.

Is my car supported?

Which Devices are you supporting?

To be able to use the Digital garage app your device needs to have the following specs

iPhone 6 or newer with iOS 10 or newer
Android 5 (Released Dec 2015) with minimum 1gb ram

iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 11 or newer
Android 6 (Released Oct 2016) with minimum 2 gb ram


My Account

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are compliant with GDPR, you can request data extraction or deletion in app.

Settings (Gear wheel) –> Profile

How do I delete my Account?

You can request your account to be deleted in app.

Settings (Gear wheel) –> Profile –> Delete Account

How do I change my password

You can change your password in App following theses easy steps:

Settings (Gear wheel) –> Profile –> Change Password


Can I use Digital Garage without adding a vehicle?

No, Digital Garage is only making sense when you have a vehicle added to your garage.



My Fuel level is wrong

It can take several minutes for the Fuel Level to be updated in the app.

If you are still experiencing huge discrepancies, please reach out to us for help.

My Fuel Level is not displayed

Unfortunately not everything is available thru SOBD.

It is possible that the manufacturer decided to not enable this functionality on the Can BUS.

My Battery value is not displayed

Unfortunately not everything is available thru SOBD.

It is possible that the manufacturer decided to not enable this functionality on the Can BUS.

What is the normal value of a Battery level?

Your battery should register 12.4V and above. The Digital Garage checks the resting voltage before every start.

My trip is not visible

We are sorry to hear that.

Here is few tips to make sure your trips are properly recorded:

  • Make sure the Digital Garage is launch and at least running in background
  • Make sure your SOBD is connected to the car and his LED color is blue
  • Make sure your phone is paired with the SOBD
  • Make sure you have data service


Few reasons that could explain a trip to not be visible:

  • Your SOBD is getting updated Over The Air
  • Your SOBD just got connected in the car, the GPS can take several minutes to establish a strong signal.
  • We have not received enough information to consider it a valid trip (too short distance, too short duration, no GPS information).


If you think something else went wrong, please reach out to us for investigation.

My SOBD needs an update? What is OTA?

We are continuously working on improving our technology, therefor your SOBD might required an update.

This is very important to provide best results.


The update is deliver to the SOBD from your phone using a BLE connection, we call it Over The Air Update (OTA).

The BLE technology is a low power comsumption communication protocol in order for the SOBD to run with a minimal energy source.

However this can result in an update taking several minutes.

Your SOBD will reboot at the end of that update.


If you skip the OTA, you will be reminded on the next time your start the Digital Garage.


Note: During that OTA, the SOBD will not record trips or other informations.

What does the SOBD is recording?

The SOBD is recording the information available on the Can BUS of the vehicle, as well as the data from his own component.

Vehicle: VIN, Mileage, Ignition, Speed, Brake, Engine Errors in most of the vehicle compatible. Fuel and Battery are depending on the manufacturer enable features.

SOBD: GPS position, time, G-force